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It has been reported that model-turned-actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School member Nana are in a relationship. According to the February issue of Woman Sense, the stars have been dating for seven. Her statements made Jong Hyun laugh, as she incorporated Nana's name in the word 'banana,' and also mentioned the children's show Teletubbies, which includes a character with a name that sounds.. Hong next starred in the 2015 romantic comedy film Enemies In-Law. Girlfriend Earlier this year in January, Hong Jong Hyun was caught up in a dating rumor with Nana when a local media source reported that the two have been dating for about seven months . While both sides denied that they were dating, the rumor with Nana caused more controversy. Nana is reportedly quite open with her relationship with Hong Jong Hyun, calling him Jjong in front of broadcast staff. There has yet to be a denial from either stars' agencies, but Hong Jong..

Friends revealed that Hong Jong Hyun used to date older women. Although Nana is one year younger than Jong Hyun, they appears to be close in real life. In fact, they hosted a fashion program Style log together with Jo Minho. Perhaps due to the script, both Minho and Jong Hyun have to compete with each other for Nana affection Hong began his entertainment career in 2007 as a professional model. He made his acting debut in 2008, and has appeared in the romantic comedy Oh! My Lady (2010), sitcom Vampire Idol (2011), followed by supporting roles in Jeon Woo-chi (2012) and Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013) && Temsilciler Nana ve Hong Jong Hyun'un ilişki dedikodularını yalanladı && Dedikodulara göre 7 aydır birliktelermiş. HABER: Jonghyun ve Nana temsilcileri, Kendilerine soruyoruz 7 aylık ilişki.. Nana and Jonghyun Moment at Style Log - Duration: 2:27. The latest news 24h about the real life of Hong Jong Hyun - Duration: 9:49. LATEST NEWS 24H 49,788 views. 9:49 [We got Married4] 우리. One representative of Hong Jong Hyun said, Hong Jong Hyun is currently in Singapore for a photo shoot so it's hard to reach him. We'll announce as soon as we make sure with him. Nana's agency.

Nana and Jonghyun Moment at Style Log - Duration: 2:27. Songminoasf 50,954 views. 2:27 . US Marine Takes On the US Navy Seal Physical Test - Duration: 20:51. Austen Alexander Recommended for you. Nana and Jonghyun Moment at Style Log Songminoasf. Loading... Unsubscribe from Songminoasf? Jong-hyun, Yoo-ra (3) #07, 홍종현-유라(3) 20140621 - Duration: 10:55. MBCentertainment. In response to the resurfacing rumor of Hong Jong-hyun and Nana dating, an anonymous acquaintance of Hong Jong-hyun supported claims of the relationship being true, saying that he even wondered why the rumors came out so late, as Hong Jong-hyun and Nana have been dating for a long time HongJonghyun-Nana Couple. 1,942 likes. HongJongHyun & Nana AfterSchool Coupl Article: 'WGM' Hong Jong Hyun's friend Nana makes a surprise appearance Source: Newsen via Nate 1. [+367, -64] Hong Jong Hyun doesn't talk.. ㅜ To the point where it was awkward and embarrassing even for me. Yura seems to have a bright personality..

Hong Jong Hyun is a South Korean actor and model. He is best known for his roles in the television series Vampire Idol, Jeon Woo Chi, and Dating Agency: Cyrano. Jong Hyun won the 2011 Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed, Model category. He was a member in We Got Married Season 4 starting from episode 91 with idol singer and actress Kim Yu Ra. Drama. Year Title # Role Rating; 2019: My. Les fans du couple Yura - Hong Jong Hyun de « We Got Married » ont été très choqués d'apprendre cette nouvelle, les mannequins Nana et Hong Jong Hyun seraient en couple. Selon un reportage de « Women's Sense » du 22 janvier, Hong Jong Hyun et Nana ont été aperçus et photographiés tandis qu'ils étaient en rendez-vous. Les prétendus. REPORTED ATTEMPT: Nana and Hong Jonghyun. January 24, 2015 by rustleandscreech. Where did the rest of the year go? I'd like to answer this in detail, so I'd defer for now. This is also my reference to my unplanned hiatus. To make a long story short-jobs. Fell off the fandom bandwagon during the latter part of the year to make some career changes. But that's not the topic here. The main.

In a latest statement, Hong Jong Hyun's agency Withmay has denied the latest rumors surrounding the actor, who has been said to be dating with After School's Nana. The agency revealed they had spoken to the actor regarding the rumors, and have confirmed that the two celebrities are merely close friends Hong Jong Hyun reflects on his We Got Married experience with Girl's Day's Yura source:soompi Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) ES_Y..

Hong Jong Hyun says he didn't realize his scandal with Nana was such a big deal Monday, April 27, 2015 hong jong hyun , nana , yura 217 comments Article: Hong Jonghyun, Taken aback by dating rumors with Nana.. Hong Jonghyun Nana. Page 1 of 2 ; 1; 2; Next; This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 22 replies to this topic #1 GPA GPA. Star. Member 1,008 posts Posted 27 April 2015 - 02:01 AM . Source: Newsen via Nate I didn't know how serious it was when the news went out because I was filming in Singapore. I was with my manager hyung at the time and after finding. Im jin ah born september 14 1991 known professionally as nana is a south korean singer actress and modelshe is a member of the south korean girl group after school and its subgroup orange caramel. Model Actor Hong Jong Hyun Asked To Choose Between Girls Days Yura Search the worlds information including webpages images videos and more

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  1. Hong Suk Chun continued to probe deeper by asking Hong Jong Hyun, Who do you have a better connection with, between Nana and Yura? Instead of answering right away, Hong Jong Hyun took some.
  2. Reps deny rumors of Hong Jong Hyun and Nana dating. Thursday, January 22, 2015 girls day, hong jong hyun, nana, tv, variety, we got married, yura 315 comments. Article: Jonghyun and Nana, reps Checking with them on news of dating for 7 months Source: 10asia via Naver 1. [+22,742, -639] What does that make Yura, she's been trying so hard on broadcast this whole time, at least have some.
  3. [FMV] Hong JongHyun-Nana Couple - Casting Love. 24. 9. See All. Posts. HongJonghyun-Nana Couple. March 14, 2016 · hong&nana ig update. HongJonghyun-Nana Couple. October 27, 2015 · hong - Nana update IG same itme. See All . See More.

Hong Jonghyun & Nana ー Sad Love Story [Part 1] - YouTub

It was recently reported that actor Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were in a relationship for nearly seven months, becoming a controversy due to Hong Jong Hyun's on-air relationship with Girl's Day's Yura on 'We Got Married'. Since then, the two have already released official statements denying that they're in a romantic relationship. However, a close acquaintance of Hong Jong Hyun told media outlet. Hong Jong Hyun sat down with the press for an interview at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong on April 27 to promote his movie, Dangerous In-Laws 2.. He also talked about the two ladies he was linked before; After School's Nana, with whom there was a dating rumor, and Girl's Day Yura, who was his wife on variety show, We Got Married. The model-turned-actor stated, At first, the report went out. After School's Nana addressed her dating rumors with model-actor Hong Jong Hyun on the March 3rd episode of 'Roommate'. Jo Se Ho mentioned, There are a lot of people who want to see Nana and. Hong Jong Hyun was, in turn, walking on eggshells during the filming. At the time of the recording, Yura was prepared to listen to him talk about it and he apologized for giving her a hard time The acquaintance stated, Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were going through personal issues around the same dating. And when the program ' Style Log ' ended, Hong Jong Hyun was the first to show interest, and Nana accepted his feelings. In front of their peers, Hong Jong Hyun and Nana talking call each other openly, using their names. Usually, their dates take place around Gangnam, and they would.

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After School member Nana, and actor/model Hong Jong Hyun have been reported to be in a relationship for seven months, despite Jong Hyun's appearance on variety show, We Got Married. According to the February edition of magazine Woman Sense released on January 23rd, the two met during Onstyle's Style Log, and began dating after the show ended. The two were known to be on a date during. Another WGM Dust-up with Rumors of Hong Jong Hyun Dating Nana While Doing Show with Yura. July 2020. I often wonder about serendipitous timing of news stories, either it's mostly manufactured or conveniently timed, or else shit really does happens in twos and threes. Hot on the heels of the We Got Married brouhaha last week around the Continue reading → We Got Married Couples We Get.

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  1. Poll: Nana / Hong Jonghyun (25 member(s) have cast votes) Do you think they're real ? yay i think so (17 votes [68.00%] - View) Percentage of vote: 68.00%. just coincidences, probably friends (8 votes [32.00%] - View) Percentage of vote: 32.00%. Vote Guests cannot vote #1 GPA GPA. Star. Member 1,008 posts Posted 22 February 2015 - 03:31 PM-(The article was published by Woman Sense) WS is the.
  2. Hong Jong-Hyun is rumored to be in a relationship with After School member, Nana. But when he was reportedly dating Nana, Jong-Hyun was participating in the We Got Married program with Girl's Day's member, Yura. The public thought that Joong-Hyun did not appreciate Yura as his virtual wife
  3. 27 ก.ค. 2014 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย VV ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinteres
  4. One of Nana's representatives denied the relationship, stating, It is true that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are close, but they are not in a relationship. Widmay, Hong Jong Hyun's agency, also denied the reports, saying, After checking [with them], we want to clarify that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are simply close oppa (older brother) and dongsaeng (younger sister)
  5. 26 มิ.ย. 2014 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย Lynn PCY ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) พินของคุณเองใน Pinteres
  6. While Hong Jong Hyun and Nana rumors gradually die down after some time, on the other hand Hong Jong Hyun has been openly interacting with his virtual wife in We Got Married. Therefore, in this post I will gossip about the connection between Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day Yura. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura met for the first time onscreen after We Got Married. Hong Jong Hyun is one of the MC at.
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Hong Jong Hyun said, I actually didn't even imagine that this many people would come before I came up on stage. As much as it is my first fan meeting in Bangkok, I am filled with emotions. I'm sad that I could not meet with each and every one of you. I hope that there would be many more opportunities for me to interact with you in the future. Meanwhile, Hong Jong Hyun will be. Hong Jong Hyun. July 2020. Hong Jong Hyun Jung Hyun Asian Actors Korean Actors Asian Love Kim Woo Bin Kdrama Actors Korean Entertainment Film Award

Article: Jonghyun and Nana, reps Checking with them on news of dating for 7 months 1. [+22,742, -639] What does that make Yura, she's been trying so hard on broadcast this whole time, at least have some respect for her, ugh;; 2. [+19,406, -288] No wonder Hong Jonghyun's always been so cold t Hong Jong Hyun Denies His Scandal With Nana [by Woorim Ahn] Model and actor Hong Jong Hyun's agency announced its official statement about his scandal with Nana. His agency WIDMAY started the statement by saing, First of all, please excuse us for releasing an official statement late. It continued, In order to confirm whether the scandal is true or not, we asked Hong Jong Hyun. Hong Jong Hyun Dan Nana Dating, best dating sites for 20s, close christian dating for free account, good online dating profiles html template

Love triangle between Hong Jong Hyun, Nana and Yura

08.10.2015 - Entdecke die Pinnwand Hong Jong Hyun von Alisa :). Dieser Pinnwand folgen 1401 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Koreanische schauspieler, Kim woo bin, Koreanische prominente Hong Jong Hyun Offers His Arm as a Pillow for Yura on “We Got Married†On February 6, preview cuts of MBC’s “We Got Married†on-screen couple Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura were revealed. In one of the still cuts, Hong Jong Hyun can be seen giving Yura a massage in order to help..

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Hong Jong-hyun 홍종현 . Sinh: 2 tháng 2, 1990 MC, với Nana và Jo Min-ho: Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education: KBS2: Khách mời We Got Married Mùa 4: MBC: Với Kim Yura: 2015 Running Man: SBS: Khách mời, tập 230; 243; 314 Music video. Năm Ca khúc Ca sĩ 2008 I Hurt That Person Epitone Project This Is Not a Love Song Sentimental Scenery: 2013 Rewind Double K. Love Triangle Between Hong Jong Hyun Nana And Yura Everything Sweet. Jimin aug 27 2018 309 am why is hong jong hyun second lead again. Seúl corea del sur. Hong Jong Hyun Yura We Got Married Pinterest Hong Jong Hyun. Hong jong hyun born february 2 1990 is a south korean actor and model. Hong jong hyun yura. It is not meant to be read. And if hong jong hyun ever have a dramamovie that he will. Hong Jong Hyun denies dating rumors with Nana. After the report about actor Hong Jong Hyun and After School Nana are dating for 7 months were released, the concerning parties have come forward to respond. Read more. After School Hong Jong Hyun Jan 23, 2015 11:07. In March 2014, it was announced that Nana would be a member on a new SBS variety show called Roommate.The show features 11 celebrities living in one house. In April, Nana became the host for the second season of OnStyle's Style Log, along with Hong Jong-hyun and Cho Min-ho. In August 2014, Nana participated in the Chinese fashion elimination show Muse Dress, and emerged runner-up in the.

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56rTalking about Nana's love life, she once got caught in a dating rumor with actor Hong Jong-hyun in 2015. A local media source reported that the two had been dating for about seven months. However, both parties involved in the rumor denied it immediately. Hong Jong-hyun told Osen, First of all, I didn't know about the news report. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura Openly Discuss His Dating Scandal with Nana through Honesty and Wit. Hong Jong Hyun signed the same contract. Korean yura Woman Sense reported the hong had been dating for seven months scandal its February issue, hong it said Nana dating Hong had been spotted at an amusement park on Christmas

Filming of Hong Jong Hyun and Yura's Part in "We GotNana (Im Jin-ah) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

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About the dating rumor between Actor Hong Jong Hyun and girl group After Schools Nana, the producer of We Got Married has indicated that they are not true. Squeeze in a Little Bit of Fun in the Evenings After School. The Directory of Research and Expertise The Directory is the first stop for anyone seeking experts or further information about projects or research resources in. Tidak cuma. Hong Jong Hyun clearly knew that Nana liked him. They're dating for sure... Leave the show (Interview of the people that know the couple personally) Next Article Newer Post Previous Article Older Post Disqus issues? If you're unable to load Disqus, please remove https:// from the URL and refresh the page. Thank you! Popular Articles. 6 blind items released this year (no netizen comments) Idol. Hong Jong Hyun Denies His Scandal With Nana. bnt news. 23 January 2015. Reblog. Share. Tweet. Share [by Woorim Ahn] Model and actor Hong Jong Hyun's agency announced its official statement about his scandal with Nana. His agency WIDMAY started the statement by saing, First of all, please excuse us for releasing an official statement late. It continued, In order to confirm whether. Actor hong jong hyun addressed his dating rumor with after school 's nana in an interview with osen on november 7, hong jong hyun was asked, how are you doing with nana after the dating rumor. Start Meeting People. Hong jong-hyun is a south korean actor hong began his entertainment career in 2007 as a professional model he made his acting debut in 2008, appearing in the sitcom vampire idol and. Hong jong hyun is hard to understand, sometimes i'm sure he likes yura, sometimes he's being like this, idk, maybe it's just me then i'm sorry for missunderstand. And the scene where eric nam want to hug yura, i be like ' yes eric, go hug her!' I feel bad for yura, maybe because she always show her interest to him, she needs to 'push and pull'. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. abunnsky January 11.

Nam Goong Min, Hong Jin Young, Hong Jong Hyun y Yura se

Why 'We Got Married' PD Thinks Hong Jong Hyun & Nana's

PD of MBC entertainment department said, A few months ago, I asked Hong Jong Hyun if he's dating Nana. Our program deals with a virtual marriage and there would be problems in the genuinity of it if even one party is dating in real life. We believe that whoever appears on our show should put in their genuine heart into it so we checked with him. She continued, Jong Hyun said he's close. Hong Jong Hyun has opened up on the recent dating rumors with After School's Nana. A rep from Wid May, Hong Jong Hyun's agency, s..

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Hong Jong Hyun. hong jong hyun. Saved by pervy noona. 80. Hong Jong Hyun Jung Hyun Boy Models Male Models Asian Actors Korean Actors A Frozen Flower Korea Boy Korean Star. Hong Jong Hyun Wytwórnia: C-JeS Enertainment Rok debiutu: 2008 OFICJALNE STRONY: Daum Cafe Oficjalna Strona Facebook Instagram / V APP Imię sceniczne: Hong Jong Hyun Nazwisko i imię: Hong Jong Hyun Data urodzenia: 7 luty 1990 Miejsce urodzenia: Seul, Korea Południowa Wzrost: 182 cm Znak zodiaku: Wodnik Grupa krwi: A CIEKAWOSTKI: Ma psa, któr

Or sign in with one of these services. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Googl It's not bcos that I believe hong Jong hyun dating nana, but it's bcos of his attitude towards the Jongah fans. Trust me I still like him.. nana is following only lee suk' public IG & he is NOT following nana. But koo hara is following lee sook's private Ig & vise versa. So I don't think it's nana & lee sook. knowing that there is a Big fan war in his IG, hjh updated his top gear poster few. Jong Hyun is good with everyone, i like him with Nana and Minah also, but I think physically and characteristically Yura suits him THE BEST. Minah is too short and too loud for him, and Nana is too tall and too quiet for him. I think in real life Jonghyun has more experience in dating than Yura. It's harder for Idol to date compare to a model. After School's Nana is dating actor Hong Jong Hyun, according to a report from Woman Sense, a source that I don't recognize at all.Additionally, the magazine reports that they've been together for seven months, which would potentially make him being on 'We Got Married' with Yura awkward. According to the February edition of magazine Woman Sense released on the 23rd of January, the. My current OTP is JjongAh Couple, Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Ah Young a.k.a Yura Girls Day. Yura uploaded these photos on her official do the three legged game to collect food delivery numbers. After calling to order food they filled in the MBC ID card forms and the marriage registration form. At nighttime, they had Black bean noodles, called their friends to become witnesses, unpacked their. WGM. Hong Jong Hyun has opened up on the recent dating rumors with After School's Nana. A rep from Wid May, Hong Jong Hyun's agency, stated on January 23, After checking, we're revealing that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are just close oppa and dongseng and are not dating, as was previously reported. The agency rep added, It's true that they built their friendship because they were both.

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